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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The time aspect of a personal injury case is very situational and depends on the severity of the injury, available evidence, and proof to produce negligence, recording of witness statements and much more.

Moreover, the plaintiff may decline to receive the settlement amount in anticipation of receiving more than what is offered by the insurance adjuster during negotiation.

The Time Taking Factors

There are several factors in a personal injury case which needs time and thereby affect the time for the case to get settled.

Medical Treatment – The recovery time depends on the type of injury and accident. A slip and fall victim may be treated in hours while a vehicle accident victim may take days even weeks to recover.
Claim Investigation – Once again depending on the type of case the required documents, reports and investigations has to be made about the claim, and it all takes time. Collection of all evidence and proof may take even months.
Waiting for MMI – Lawyers may also wait for maximum medical improvement until a lawsuit is filed. Once again this can take months or even years depending on the injury and rehabilitation process.
Demand Letter and Answer – If even a lawyer wants to settle a case through negotiation, a demand letter has to be sent. Again there are wait times between demand letter and answer from the defendant.
Discovery Process – After the lawsuit is filed time is required for the discovery process which can last for six to twelve months.

Type Of Settlement

Time is taken by a personal injury case also depends on the type of settlement that you want. Insurance companies make a low ball offer within a month of the lawsuit. If you agree to that amount, the case ends there. If not then all the investigation, reexamination starts which can take 30 days to evaluate.

Negotiation starts after that which takes a couple of weeks. If any agreement arrives then it takes another couple of weeks to cut the check, prepare the settlement papers.

Best Case Scenario

When all the situations are favorable regarding the collection of reports and documents, preparation of the case, reaching MMI in quick time, satisfactory negotiations completed then a standard personal injury case may take up to four to five months under the best case scenario.

But to avail the best settlement the attorneys have to implement all the strategies, one of which is the walk away strategy, for negotiations which can take a year or two and calculated after you reach MMI.

Consider The Figures

As per the statistics, when cases go to trial the parties go through the exceptionally long court process. The average time for tort lawsuits is 23 month and 20 months for automobile accident lawsuits. For the medical malpractice cases, it is 31 months, and the median length of premises liability cases is 24 months while intentional tort cases take a month longer.

While about only 4% of the total personal injury cases go to trial, stats shows that medical malpractice case took six days, product liability for seven days, and an asbestos case lasted for 13 days.

Therefore, time taken by a personal injury case depends on type and severity of the case apart from the situation.

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