questions to ask my personal injury lawyer

Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer During Your Consultation

To get the best possible value of the free consultation that most personal injury lawyers offer you must have a set of questions ready. This will help you to make the right choice and also know what you are going to get in return.

Simple questions like what percentage of caseloads are in hand, the number of cases settled during a year and the number of cases tried will give you a fair idea about the capability of the personal injury lawyer. You may also ask about previous accomplishments over a period of five years or so. This will give you an idea of how long the attorney is in the field.

Case Handling And Game Plan

To know more, you should ask some common questions to find out the strategy that the lawyer may take to handle your case. Such questions should include:

  • Who will handle the case – This is to find out whether the lawyer you are talking to will deal with the case or will it be passed on to a paralegal.
  • Largest settlement verdict – This will tell about the claim amount you are expecting and whether the lawyer is suitable for the specific case.
  • The game plan – This will tell about the timeframe, the documents required, the problem foreseen, keeping you updated and overall the chances of winning.

Prepare Yourself Well

It is unwise to go for a free consultation without preparation and to think that you will remember all the questions. More often than not you will miss out on the important questions which should include the expertise of the lawyer, experience, qualification, service charges and lots more. You can write it in a paper or have a digital record.

You must also take notes while you are answered and most importantly do not make a list of questions which you can answer yourself. Give proper respect and value to the time of the lawyer.

Qualifications And Experience

The questions for qualification and experience should include:

  • Which law society or lawyer association are you a member?
  • What reference and testimonials can you provide?
  • What are your team and financial resource?

Include the following questions regarding experience:

  • Is injury law your primary focus?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How much experience do you have with different insurance companies and their legal counsel and adjusters?
  • How many cases of similar accident and injuries have you handled?

Know About Fees And Claim

How the lawyer charges his fees, who will incur any costs, and when is the fee payable should be asked to know about the fee structure and schedule.

As for the claim, you must ask whether or not the lawyer thinks your claim is valid, the chances of winning, the strengths and weaknesses, the documents and evidence further required, the best strategy to follow and the chances of the case going on the trail.

You can also ask for a rough estimate of the settlement amount, how much time it will need to get a settlement, whether there will be any contract signed in which fee and payment requirements is mentioned, and most importantly whom to contact and how soon do you get the reply should also be your concern.

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