Pedestrian accidents

What Should a Pedestrian Do After Getting Hit By a Car?

Pedestrian accidents are very common and sometimes can prove fatal as well. It is found that around 85.2% of such fatalities in the US are caused by vans, pickups, SUVs. Apart from that, there is also a minor percentage of motorcycle and buses as well. As for the unknown vehicles, the percentage is under 10.

On an average, about 1.71 pedestrian deaths are caused per billion vehicle miles traveled. The likeliness of pedestrian fatalities as per vehicle and area categorization can be shown as the following:


  • Buses are eight times more likely to cause pedestrian fatality per mile traveled.
  • Motorcycles are twice likely to kill male pedestrians as compared to female per mile vehicle traveled.
  • Death rate per mile vehicle in an urban area is 1.57 times the rural areas.

Things You Should Do

Now, what if you are simply hit by a vehicle? The first and foremost thing you should do is remain calm and move out of the road, breathe in and try to control your emotions until the police arrive. You should take the initiative and call the police and certainly not let the other driver leave the scene.

You never know the seemingly minor injury can cause considerable harm later. You must also take a few snaps of the car, license plate et al. Note down all the information about the driver and his insurance. You may also record some statements of the witness which will also help you in your injury claim.

Get Medical Help

This is paramount in an accident case as it is the only evidence that you were injured in that particular accident. A personal injury lawyer, the judge, the jury and also the stringent of insurance adjuster will never refute to a doctor’s report which serves as an official evidence.

Therefore, however minor the injury may see, seek medical help. After you have been treated by the emergency medical unit, you should also consult an injury doctor to check out any damages caused to any soft tissue or bones.

Get The Police Report

Apart from that, you should get the police report which is another important and official evidence of the accident. In it the date and time of the accident, the party at fault, the person injured and the witnesses are all mentioned clearly and categorically.

All this will help the personal injury lawyer to substantiate your claim to make it maximum as well as fair and reasonable. Also, collect all the bills and vouchers for your medical treatments. With all these tools as your proof, you should start the insurance claim by calling the driver’s insurance company.

The Legal Option

More often than not, the insurance company will either reduce your claim amount or deny it completely. In such cases consider the legal options. According to personal injury law if you sustain any injury due to other person’s negligence you can claim compensation.

As a third party, the lawyer will see who was at fault, the severity of your injury and decide the claim amount. Along with your bills and vouchers, you emotional distress, loss of wages all will be included to make your claim amount fair and maximum.

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