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How To Make A Personal Injury Claim Against A Drunk Drivers?

Thousands of car accidents are caused due to the drivers who are drunk. This car accident actually happens due to the alcohol that car drivers cross the limit of alcohol drinks which has side effects such as; they reduce their night vision up to 25% as well as it is hard to see the distant object when the people are drunk.

All the drivers need to be alert at the time of driving they should be in full control with their vehicle. Drinking a small amount of alcohol can affect the driving judgment as sometimes they need to take quick actions.

The personal injuries claim against a drunk driver is complex. Well, this claim is the additional amount to your other damages such as in the car property damage. If you are the victim of the car accident which happened due to the drunk driver and you or other people with you injured in this accident then you can ask for the compensation for personal injury claim against the drunk driver.

Claiming for the compensation as per personal injury claim against the drunk driver can be made only by the passengers who were injured in the accident and for which the drunk driver is responsible for the accident.

Have you been injured in a car accident caused by Drunk Driver?

Drink and driving have the serious consequences, you can make a personal injury claim after being the victim of the car accident which is caused by the drunk driver only. You must make sure that you call the police at the time of car accident happened and the suspect which is your driver must be drunk. Then the police will perform their duty and check whether the suspect is over the limit or not. When the police will find that the suspect who is the driver is drunk then this will be used as the evidence in your personal injury claim.

Follow these steps after being Victim of Car Accident caused by the Drunk Driver

After being the victim some action you have to take immediately which will perform as the significant impact in your ability to obtain the good amount of compensation in your personal injury claim for your damages, losses, and injuries.

The action that you must take is instructed below which are important to follow:-

1. Call the Police:

The very first step that you have to take after the car accident is calling the police. Calling Police at the place of the car accident guarantees that you have documented the accident, and then the police inspector will verify the case and gather all the information and also ask you and other people some questions who are there at that time of car accident. So this would help you at the time of filing compensation as an insurance claim or lawsuit against the person who caused the car accident.

2. Cooperate with the Police Investigation:

In the police investigation, the inspector will investigate that how this accident took place. So it is important that you provide him the accurate and exact details of the accident that how did it happen.

However, do not try to elaborate or exaggerate what and how actually happened because elaborating any accident in brief provoke lot of emotion. So only reply to the questions which are asked by the inspector or investigator. Do not give information that has not been asked by the inspector.

Never say investigator that you have not hurt or injured in the car accident because you never know when the pain will occur in your body in future. Some underbody injuries don’t react at the same time, their pain occurs after some long time. You can say that you are unsure that whether you hurt or not at the time when the inspector will ask you about the injury.

3. Collect Information:

If you are in the situation to collect information and not been injured much in the accident you must collect all the information related to the car accident. Information about the driver contact and insurance or from any potential witness information that is present at the place of the car accident at that time or the photographs of the accident scene along with your visible injuries.

If you are comfortable talking with the driver make sure you that collect entire information about the driver from the police when they arrive there.

Make sure to ask for the claim number of the accident report so that you can request the copy when it is ready.

4. Seek Medical Treatment

You must take immediate medical treatment after being injured in the car accident, never refuse to medical treatment. Go to a good medical professor who will help to diagnose and treat your injuries before you get into big chronic pain. Always remember some injuries take some hours and days before you begin to feel pain, the pain will occur after a lot of time in your body so that does not mean that you have not suffered from any injury or pain in the accident.

But make sure that you must document every injury details by a medical expert so that you can take compensation of every injury and obtain maximum to the maximum amount for your medical expenses at the time of settlement.

5. Hire best and Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

To get all the legal advice you can hire the personal injury lawyer. It is not compulsory to hire that depends on your choice if you think that you can handle your case then no need to hire the personal injury attorney.

When you get injured in the car accident then you must get the compensation for all the damages and your medical expenses, including all injuries, pain, suffering etc but sometimes the insurer of insurance company do not agree to all the condition of the victim as their purpose is to save money of the company so at the time of the settlement you can take your experienced personal injury attorney who will handle the case good and quick manner and also try to obtain the good amount of compensation.

Hiring an attorney will be benefited to you only; he will conduct your case properly and also investigate about the accident briefly and helps you in securing all your evidences of driver’s fault in the car accident. In case if you are not satisfied by the settlement amount then he will lawsuit in appropriate jurisdiction and handle your case until you get the reason of compensation of personal injury claim.

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