Car Accident

What should You Know About Car Accident Settlement?

What exactly settlement means, actually it is a formal agreement between you and the other defendant party in which you can lawsuit in exchange to get a certain amount of money as for compensation. This settlement agreement is only built on the premises when both the parties are agreed to the settlement.

Filing a lawsuit in court is so stressful. Settlement discussion is good instead of filing a lawsuit, settling a claim out of the lawsuit is also less expensive and less stressful for both the parties.

What to Do After Facing or Experiencing a Car Accident?

If you have gone through a car accident or injured in the car accident then you are entitled to seek the compensation for the damages you had through the personal injury claim. This compensation will help you to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and much more. You must not get away without pursuing the compensation.

Mostly the car accident claims are settled by the insurance company, however, the insurance company has the lengthy and difficult process but after all the procedure and investigation you receive a cheque to cover your losses. This investigation process includes all the inquiry of your car accident and the negotiation has been done by the insurance company and your car accident attorney.

In case you do not reach the car accident insurance settlement through the negotiation then you can lawsuit in which the appearance of the court is required.

What are the factors that affect how much Car Accident settlement amount is worth?

The compensation amount that you receive in your car accident settlement that varies based on the several factors; it depends on who and what other things are harmed in the accident, the total damage to the car or if anyone has sustained with any physical injury or if you are experiencing further pain and suffering after the car accident.

You can either receive the settlement amount that only covers the damage cost of your vehicle or could also get the higher settlement for your long-lasting injuries or could get the compensation for till the date or time period you could not work due to recovery.

  • Settlement factor for Damaged Vehicle

This claim amount only includes the damage to your car. This settlement compensation generally is of the cost of repair and the replacement of the damaged car parts or items.

For Example: In the accident, the bumper of your car is damaged so the compensation of car accident will be the reasonable amount of bumper repair or replacement.

  • Settlement Factor for Injuries

In case if you have been injured in the car accident then the personal injury portion of the settlement has been done separately from the car property damage. This Car accident settlement for Injuries you will mainly receive from the insurance company which is determined by your total medical expenses, medical reports, document wage loss etc

For Example: If your bone is fractured in the car accident then the additional compensation you will receive to cure your injury.

  • Settlement for Pain and Sufferings

This settlement of pain and suffering includes in your amount which is an addition to your medical expenses to compensate for the past and future discomfort of your injury.


Please keep in mind that you receive settlement or award for one time only from the insurance company. If you agreed with settlement once then you can’t go to the insurance company again in future asking for more money.

How Car Accident Attorney Helps You in This?

It is better to hire the Car Accident attorney, he helps you to seek a settlement quickly that covers all the physical emotion and financial injuries, pain, and damages to the vehicle. As the attorney is experienced in dealing with the insurance company member so they know how to tackle the case quickly on the easy way.

The Car accident attorney tries to provide you the good settlement amount from the insurance company that you actually deserve.

The Car Accident Settlement Process!

  • Filing a Formal Form

After the car accident, you have to file a claim with the insurance company. Filing for the claim on the other person’s insurance policy (not your own) is known as the third party insurance claim.

  • Going through the Insurance Investigation

Once when you asked for the formal claim, then the car accident investigation will be conducted by the insurer of the insurance company. This investigation process includes the all the review of police reports, discussion with experts, reviewing all your medical reports, checking all the circumstances, taking your statement, records of your injury and replacements of your car accessories after the car accident. In this process, the insurer may ask you few questions related to the car accident and medical records authorization.

  • Receiving Claim Coverage Approval or Deny

When the investigation is completed by the insurer then he will either approve or deny your claim. When he approves your claim that means it is agreeing to all conditions that come under the policy and you will get your claim. But it is not necessary that the agreed claim includes all the expenses that come under the compensation.

He can also deny for the claims which mean claiming that conduct or the outcome does not cover by the policy or does not come under their insurance policy. The insurer will provide you the written application of your denied claim.

  • When Claim is Approved

When the insurer approves your claim then you receive a settlement offer letter. This offer letter may be of the low amount but you have all rights to deny this offer and ask for higher or appropriate amount based on your medical expense and others repair amount of car too.

  • When Claim Coverage is Denied

You will receive a written application from the insurer or the insurance company that your claim has been denied. In case your claim coverage is denied then you have to contact the Car accident lawyer.

  • Requesting for Mediation!

If you are having any issue or problem in negotiating fair settlement compensation amount with the insurer of the insurance company then you or the insurer both can request Mediation. In this the third party mediator is included in the conversation, you and your insurer can discuss all the claim and damages and the mediator will make the conversation on track. You can also bring your car accident attorney or lawyer to this meeting or conversation with the mediator who can represent words on behalf of you.

  • Finalising the settlement

When you and the insurer come to a result and agreed to the settlement then you both can finalize the settlement. This generally requires your signature on some reliable documents and the insurer will complete its process.

  • Filing the Lawsuit

When the insurer will not agree to the reasonable amount of settlement, then you can file a lawsuit which totally depends on your interest if you want to. Here the car accident attorney will help you in filing the lawsuit in appropriate jurisdiction and also gather all the evidence to support your case for the claim of compensation in front of Jury. Then afterward the result will be decided by the Juries.

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