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Factors To Look For When A Choosing Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are quite common and there has been a steep rise of nearly 8% in fatal commercial truck accidents. According to the IIHS statistics till recently 2015 had the substantial increase in such accidents where out of the 4,311 deaths, 3,595 comprised of pedestrians and others, 15%, and occupants of other vehicles that was 70%. Injury crashes were 97,000 while injured victims numbered to a staggering 138,000. In all, truck accidents accounted for 11% of all road deaths.

A Costly Affair

Truck accidents involve a lot of cost in different forms of damage to the vehicle, property and person. You must have a qualified semi-truck accident lawyer by your side to wade through turbulent waters of claims and mitigation. But to choose the best lawyer can be overwhelming of you do not know what to look out for. Here is a comprehensive list of factors and attributes.

  • Experience – The experience of semi-truck accident lawyers is different from general automobile accident lawyers. It involves a lot of technicalities being a larger vehicle.
  • Success – Look out for the success rate of the lawyer apart from the experience in such cases.
  • Reputation – Knowing about the reputation of the lawyer will increase your chances of winning the claim as you will know whether or not the person is best suited for the job. Reputation plays a major role in the activities and working plan of the insurance companies.
  • Testimonials – Finally, you must check out with the comments and satisfaction level that other clients of the lawyer have. This will give you an insight about how able the lawyer is to handle your case.

Hire A Specialist

It is imperative that you hire a specialist for the case as that will significantly increase your chances of winning the case. Specialized lawyers will work on similar cases day in and day out honing their skills even further.

They will be abreast with the latest developments in the law and also know all the nuances and avenues for the right ad most effective approach. This will also ensure that the quality and strength of your lawyer will match perfectly with the lawyer of the trucking company who will certainly have specialized lawyer of their own.

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Look For Trial Experience

As said earlier, truck accident cases are costly affair and more often than not you will have to drag a case to the court for trial. Therefore, if you look for lawyer who has adequate trial experience will be an added benefit. You will then be prepared to face any type of situations and challenges. Insurance companies know about lawyers and their capabilities well and if you hire such a lawyer who can fight it out hard for you even in trial, chances are you will get reasonable offer during settlement negotiations.

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Some Other Attributes

You must interview your lawyer in person before hiring. During this process try to find out how far the ties are with the judicial community so that easy and most effective outcome can be achieved. Ability of assessing other party’s move will also be an added trait in the lawyer which will prove useful.

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  1. I agree with the article when it recommends choosing a specialist when you’re looking for a truck accident lawyer. After all, what many people don’t know is that truck accidents usually just fall under auto accident cases. However, if you pick an attorney that has experience and has been trained to deal with accidents involving big trucks then you’ll be much better off.

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