Pedestrian Accident

Basics of Auto Pedestrian Accident and Duty of Care

Now and then you will hear cases of auto pedestrian accident and older adults and children are more at risk than others of being hit by any vehicle while walking down the road. Pedestrians aged above 65 years account for 19% deaths from such accidents and 10% of injuries in 2013. On the other hand, one out of every child under 14 years was killed in the same year.

The stats of NHTA and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of United States show that pedestrian deaths account for 11% of motor vehicle fatalities and make the second largest category of such deaths. On an average, a pedestrian is injured in traffic accident in every 8 minutes and is killed in 111 minutes.

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Usually, pedestrian deaths are higher in urban areas due to the pedestrian activities, and volume of traffic is much more than the rural areas. Moreover, alcohol consumption and driving also result in such accidents which are almost 49% resulted in pedestrian deaths. 34% pedestrians died due to alcohol in their blood which was way over .08 grams per deciliter, and the other 15% was that found in the driver.

Some Common Causes Of Auto Pedestrian Accident:

There are some causes for the pedestrian accident is where the pedestrian fails to yield at the crosswalk or intersection.

Another cause is when the driver reverses into a pedestrian in a parking lot is also very common.

Some accidents also occur while passing a stopped vehicle at the crosswalk when a pedestrian is careless, and the driver approaching from behind cannot notice.

Most Common Injuries

Vehicle-pedestrian accidents can cause some common injuries which may be minor as well as fatal.  Head, legs, and arms are most vulnerable and usually harmed, and other bodily harms caused by pedestrian injury include traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, fractured bones, paraplegia and quadriplegia and even coma. You may be even disabled permanently depending on the severity of the accident and the impact.

Party With Legal Responsibility

There may be one or more party responsible for the accident which injured you, and the potential parties may include the driver that struck a pedestrian, or it may be the carelessness of the pedestrian himself. Jaywalking, talking or texting during crossing the road all can prove that the pedestrian was at fault for the accident. It is also possible that the person who is supposed to maintain the parking lot or sidewalk is responsible for the accident. It all depends on the efficiency, expertise, knowledge and caliber of the pedestrian accident lawyer to prove liability and negligence. Therefore, hiring a good lawyer is essential to win such a claim.

Duty Of Care ( Types of Pedestrian Injury )

The duty of care can be the driver and follow the traffic rules. Speeding, distracted driving, failing to yield at the crosswalks, failing to signal at turns, disregarding weather are some examples of failing the duty of care.

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Pedestrians are also responsible for their safety, and their failure of duty of care includes ignoring the ‘walk’ signal, not using the marked crosswalks, entering into traffic and disrupting the flow, darting in front of a car and much more.


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