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How Can an Attorney Help in A Car Accident Injury Situation?

According to the study of National Highway Traffic Administration, car accidents happen every minute, all over the world. Summed up, it comes to around 5.25 million driving accident cases a year, which by itself is alarming. Further research shows that around 43,000 US citizens die each year and another 2.9 million suffer minor to severe injuries. The study also reveals that over the period if five years 25% people encountered car accident and a child is killed in every three minutes.

Such studies which are primarily based on insurance claims and medical records predicts that by the end of the year 2020, car accident casualties will even surpass HIV or AIDS disability or mortality rates.

Comparing With The World

The car accident stats of the world and that of US, if compared, will make things even clearer. According to the global statistics, it is found that:

• There are 3,287 deaths a day making it 1.3 million a year.
• 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled.
• Half of the victims are within 15 to 44 years of age.
• It is the 9th or 2.2% of the leading cause of deaths.
• More than 90% of cases are in low or middle-income countries costing them $ 65 billion annually out of $518 billion globally.
• By 2030 it will become the 5th leading cause.
• On the other hand, the US stats reveal:
• 37,000 deaths each year and 2.35 million injured or disabled.
• 8,000 of these deaths are within 16 to 20 years and 1,600 children below 15 years of age.
• It is the greatest cause of death in the US costing 230.6 billion each year.

Need Of An Attorney

When you face such an accident, you are in a lot of pain and suffering and to get some respite, you will need a personal injury attorney. Depending on the type of injury sustained, even if you are not injured, you should not overrule the fact that car accident cases have different circumstances and injuries may show symptoms late.

Here are some tips when you should either walk or run to an attorney. Running is required when the injury is severe and includes broken bone, hospitalization, and paralysis. You should also run when there is a death and fault is clear or other parties like pedestrians were involved.

Apart from that when an accident occurs at a construction site, the unclear police report holds you guilty, medical and technical issues are involved, lower or no limits of insurance and especially when the insurer has its attorney you should sprint to an accident lawyer.

Take time and walk when you are unsure of other available insurance, want advice on evaluation of settlement claim amount, unclear fault, or when you do not know your rights. You can also talk to an attorney when you are confused about the policy terms and need an expert opinion about the confusing formalities and paperwork of legal proceedings.

The Help And Support Received

When the injuries sustained are serious and have a long term effect you will need a car attorney to get compensated for all the loos that you incurred during this period when you are confined to bed.

With the knowledge of the law and its intricacies of the procedural rules, hiring the services of such attorneys will mean that will get professional help. Proper planning and strategic approach will affect the outcome of the case.

The lawyers will do all the legwork as there are a lot of jobs to do from collecting and gathering information and evidence to the negotiation for settlement with the insurance adjuster. Add to it, if the case goes to trial, work load is even more. Assuming that you are able, it will mean a lot of running about for you. The lawyer does it all for you.

Most importantly, the attorney will advocate for you, provide you with tips and suggestions from time to time. Being your professional advocate, you do not have to worry about representation in the court or negotiating with the strictest insurance adjuster notoriously known to reduce and negate claims.

Get A Satisfactory Resolution

This is what you want, and an experienced car accident attorney can help you to achieve it in shortest possible time. Facing an accident immediately puts you in a state of shock and anxiety and such a state of delirium clouds your judgment and decision-making ability.

If you are wondering how such an attorney can help you out, then rest assured there are ways more than one, depending on the specifics of the case and its complexities.

  • Communicating with the insurers of the other driver who is supposedly at fault is their job. You may know that the last thing insurance companies want to do is to pay claim amount without trying to reduce it, and your attorney can help ou to get the maximum claim amount.
  • Proving negligence is paramount in personal injury case, and your attorney will help you to gather all the required evidence and reports to substantiate your claim.
  • You will also be helped in organizing your medical bills and records which are required to prove negligence.
  • If there is any record missing, they can communicate with your health care provider to arrange for the same.
  • All relevant medical information is required to prove damages, and car accident attorneys work with the doctors to gather it as well.
  • Organize, preserve and present the evidence as and when required to prove liability and claim for damages.
  • They will also negotiate with the defense attorney or the insurance adjuster for the satisfactory settlement amount.

Apart from these usual and useful jobs, they will also negotiate with the lien holders, if any, on your claim. Such lien holders may be health insurers, disability insurers or even Workers’ Compensation insurers. This is required to reduce the amount of the lien so that you eventually receive the maximum claim amount.

Peace Of Mind

The most significant thing that you receive is the peace of mind and moral support in such difficult times, which is priceless.

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